Three books for children with a lot of imagination*

*This review does not include children nor books. But if you are looking for dogs, dragons, and aliens, go on with the reading.

The most magnificent thing

Ashley Spires
Published by Kids Can Press

A little girl wants to build the MOST MAGNIFICENT thing. She has prepared all she needs in order to be successful in her mission. She has an assistant, her dog, who helps with (or tries to, or pees to) everything. But a problem soon arises. What exactly is that magnificent thing? She has the concept, but can she really make it real?

This tiny and wonderful tale is about perseverance, frustation and enormous ideas in a little and extraordinary mind. At the end, the most magnificent thing (no spoilers, don’t worry) is whatever makes us happy with our best friend.

The Night the Stars Went Out

Suz Hughes
Published by Capstone Young Readers

Our main character here is Alien, who is in charge of cleaning all the stars. You may think: «That is a fantastic job! I could spend all day seeing the stars», and you were wrong and right. Cleaning stars is the same as just cleaning. Alien is bored of his work. But something happens one day: the stars disappeared.
Alien has to bring them back. But the only way to put again the stars in the sky is going to Earth in order to search the answer.

This is the beginning of the (too short) adventures of Alien. I would love to hear more about what happened to him in our planet, though. The drawing is beautiful, like a kind of children-drawing but better done. This little piece of art is touching, but, as I have said before, the story is not long enough and you want to here more about this Alien.

Do not bring your dragon to the library

Text by Julie Gassman
Illustrations by Andy Elkerton

Published by Capston young readers

We all know that you love to go with your dragon everywhere. But the library is not the most suitable place for them. Yes, I understand they love books, and children, and adventures, and so on. But really, really, you should not bring you dragon to the library. There are a lot of spaces to visit with them. The library is not the right place. Is it clear? I hope that the answer would be «crystal».

Dragons and libraries are not a good match, because libraries are intended for children (and for grown-ups who still love to get lost among books). This tale explain to the little ones the value of the libraries and all the adventures they can live when they visit this book heaven. Dragons are just a pretext, but they are an extraordinary one.

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